Observations, Musing & Comments About God, People & This Life We Are Living

Observations, Musings and Comments About God, People and This Life We Are Living.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Wow! It's been a long, long time since I've blogged!

Time has certainly flown by since I started my own counseling practice and started this blog.  It's been several good, but busy years.  Today, I've added some practical information on how to set up  online video therapy sessions with me.  Though, I prefer to meet with people face to face, there are times when that just doesn't work out and a video session is the next best thing.  So if you are a client of mine and would like the option of video therapy sessions, follow the instructions on the previous post to get everything ready for those rare days when either you or I can't make it into the office for some reason.  Whether it be bad weather, car trouble, illness or out of town for some reason, we'll still be able to connect.   

Set Up Instructions for Online Video Therapy Sessions

Instructions for Clients to Set Up Online Video Therapy Sessions with Nancy Wilkerson

This service is a HIPAA compliant end to end secure video with no recording ability, so your sessions are never saved.

There are two ways for clients to join the video session.

1.     Via an email link that is sent to the client on the day that you schedule the appointment, they will also get a reminder the day of the appointment as well via email. If they do not get the email please ask them to check their spam file.
2. The client can also download an app called 'MyTherapist" (all one word). If your client states that they can not find the app make sure they are typing all one word - MyTherapist (if they put a space between My and Therapist they will not be able to find the app).

If clients are joining via the emailed link from their PC, they will get a join button and a pin that they will use just for that specific date of service. This pin will only give them access to this specific appointment, each session will have its own unique pin.

Clients will need to have popups enabled in their browser settings. If they do not know how to enable popups in their browser, they can to do a google search for "how do I enable my popups with example Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari". This will walk them through the process of enabling popups for the video session.
Once they get the popup window, the client will see an option to allow a plugin for their microphone and camera. Once that is completed, they should not have to do the process over each time to join a session unless they are using a new computer. The preferred browser is Chrome, but feel free to use any browser that is available.

There is no charge to download the MyTherapist app.  Just go to the App Store and download via either the IOS or Android platform.  Once a client has downloaded the app, they will need to enter in three key pieces of information.
1. Last name
2. Date of Birth
3. Pin (last 4 digits of their client ID)

The therapist provides the PIN# for the client.  The PIN# stays the same for each video session.

If a client has difficulty hearing or seeing the video, have them complete the following steps on their device:

Settings >Privacy > Microphone > MyTherapist and enabling the microphone. This might have to be done for some people with the Camera as well.  Alternatively, they can go to MyTherapist under their applications and enable them.

Once the client has successfully logged in they will accept the appointment.
On the day of the video session, the client will open the appointment and they will see a video camera button. They will then click that button and be taken to the online room to join the session. 

The client will be able to view other options as well inside the app.

1. See all appointments that are scheduled for them, even individual sessions.
2. They will be able to communicate  securely through the app.
3. Clients will be able to pay for the sessions through the app with TSecure pay.
4. Clients can see their past appointments and past payments as well.
5. They have access to directions and phone number to your office.
6. The Client will also have access to Documents that have been uploaded to the registration page and enabled for viewing by the client.